The Fasle pride of poverty ( i’m lit ) …

The Fasle pride of poverty ( i’m lit ) …

It is true I have experienced the most grief from those who would call themselves poor. Now I have been penniless but I have never seen myself as poor. If anything, I have always sensed that all around me there is plenty. And it is I who through ignorance is stopping myself from having it some how.

Today I am on a 12 hour fast ( ends at 7 PM! ) & the crazy thing is that its not hunger at all annoying me. But what I see as denial of the habbit of eating at any time that is nagging the heck out of me. Food addiction is real lol & anyone looking to get in better shape must look into overcoming all impulses to eat which are not based on genuine hunger .

On the flip side fasting brings new insights with it about life & energy that is counter intuitive if you belive your energy comes from food alone. I’m listening to this enlightened mater spit ancient knowledge about wealth & to be honest half of what I wanted to write about has escaped me so check it dude goes in.


~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 26, 2011.

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