non black men instigating conflict ( this is a rant ) …

My social dynamic I.Q. is genius level. I can read social behaviors like a elite linebacker reading a play on offensive by the quarterbacks body language.  I’m noticing increasingly where i’m out and about and a groups of non black males try to do something to start some sh*t.  They might be with they’re buddies of they’re dad and want to show how non shook of black dudes they are.

This time i’m in sports authority shoe clearance looking at running shoes and these bitches  dudes with there dad start reaching over me like i’m not even there ( I know they were trying to force me over rather than wait for me to finish browsing ) – like they were competing with me to find the best marked down kicks  ( wtf ? ). I’m looking like whats up with this sh*t so I say ” oh excuse me” ( in a rhetorical way ) & the dude gets shook and says oh sorry excuse me and backs the F off. There were at least 10-12 people all picking through the shoe section at the time & it was like the scenario where the needle screeches to a halt on a record and the music stops, and keep in mind I spoke in a normal tone it was telling how everyone got mad quiet.  These dudes who are invading my space got missing so was I just imagining or over “reaching”. No, obviously by the reaction of the group ( herd behavior) something was there. You can say that they were afraid I would do something drastic but were they thinking that when they were invading my space – see how that works.

I go out of my way to avoid these petty conflicts with non black males. They listen to our music & imitate our natural swagger but have issues with us directly.  Another recent incident was when a buddy and I were running and some fag in a ferrari slows down beside us and revs the engine as if we could race him ( wtf ). We all know what its about – deep seeded inferiority complexes of the black alpha. I will continue to do my best to avoid these b*tches but its annoying how kindergarten many of these non black males act out here.





~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 27, 2011.

One Response to “non black men instigating conflict ( this is a rant ) …”

  1. Lol shit happens bro’.

    I think we all have seen stuff like this play out before.

    Keep it cool and keep it moving like you did.

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