woe is me ( no to avatar )

So finally after over 2 years I decide to watch the movie avatar. About 15 minutes in a sense of psychologically tortured befalls my senses & I abort mission shortly thereafter . Funny how an almost obligatory sense of duty surfaces because “everyone has seen it” – the compulsion to be part of something greater, something “epic” ( ?  ) . But alas I am repelled by herd behavior although  I really was looking forward to enjoying the brilliant CG as I was always fascinated by computer animation. I use to marvel at the 3D like HBO chrome textured splash screen & wondered how it had been done – how many megs of ram & process speed was needed – probably zillions I was sure.

Yet not even avatars brilliant graphics were enough to hold me at bay.  I’m telling you movies are a trip  tv in general – we are required to accept so much unreality suspend our own compass of how things should be to an amazing extent.  By this I do not mean watching the  movie altogether. I mean the character of the characters therein. We are to relate to them & conclude certain truisms about people which are confirmed in the context of the movies characters all fake mind you.

( This might be why some whites & other so called races simply do not enjoy what they perceive to be “Black Movies” not willing to forgo how they see things as being, not very comfortable seeing black people acting beyond a certain range. )

And frankly I see the opposite happening, that is to say. People in real life parrot characters in movies supposing similar outcomes “in real life” to be equal – how absurd – acting like a made up charter to function in the world at large. My brother was notorious for mimicking tv characters adopting they’re attitudes gestures and slogans obviously not being himself.  SO called adults are no different & its very weird and strange to behold.  How many wanna be  scarfaces have been spawn, & those who tend to  favor the dark side if you will, tend to enjoy watching movies – uncanny.

You might have been entertained by avatar & more power to you. I couldn’t make it through the first few scenes myself  too unsettling a picture for me to digest however brilliant it was esthetically F that .


~ by BE LIKE WATER on December 12, 2011.

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