seeking truely to understanding her … ( this is not manginaism )

I wish every brother truly interested in ruling his world with a ( insert adjective here ( being sarcastic )  ) sista at his side would take time to listen to this 5 part offering by our dynamic brother Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

There after the process of self reflection should thus ensue allowing for self wreckening with a new found vigor. To be a woman is very taxing as it were – honestly I had never really pictured it as a man . As the class room & the work environment seem to cater to female strong points yet “the matrix” at large is innefectual & anti female nature & woman have confensated by adopting a more masculine world view. Yes marketers exploit her emotional needs feign interest in fulfilling them for gains purely monetary at heart. Woman today find themselves feeling amiss even after achieving success in this harsh reality because again this climate is anti woman itself.

I often picture the men at the top who run this corporate plantation called america to be fearful of woman after all. I posit that they hate earth & by extention woman. There is this drive to “transcend” or to beat nature driving the most powerful men as defined politically. I do not call them powerful in a spiritual sense as true power eminates from within & they seem obsessed with external expressions of power – as in “power over others”.

So now as we war with our woman I am overcome with a profound sense of loss not for any worldly reason. Not for competition with other groups/races  or keeping it real. Its just against nature and plays into the matrix scheme = discord between us. Pure folly & will we escape this maze only  time will tell…


~ by BE LIKE WATER on December 13, 2011.

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