respect self

some pain is mental some pain is PAIN…

I hit the road about 630AM normally  i’m halfway through my run by then but when I put on my newbalance this morning the side of my left foots  in serious pain . I forced myself to go to the trail anyway limping. I tried to run wasn’t happening unless I was willing to suffer a needless stinging pain the whole way which doesn’t make any sense – better to let it heal itself & possibly this evening run strong.  F*! I think – but it all makes sense, I ran like a mad man yesterday I wasn’t going to finish in second place.  A lot of times I allow people to win simply because it doesn’t matter to me that much . But lately I have decided to go all out beast mode.  I’m seriously considering these brooks  because I cant take shorts when it comes to my gains. Right now i’m somewhat disappointed that it wasn’t possible for me  to finish my first run of the day – in a few I will double up on legs in my gym –  if my foot allows for it hopefully.  But theres no way i’m going to run with that much pain just doesn’t make sense no matter how disappointing…  F*!!!!!





~ by BE LIKE WATER on December 15, 2011.

One Response to “respect self”

  1. Makes sense.Just let the thing heal bro.

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