mind numbing sameness…


Ive taken to running with no shoes at my park until my foot gets back right.  I know exactly why  happened now, striking the ground from my corner arch rather than more flat on. Hense the sharp pain on the side of my foot. Not to mention buying running shows half a size small just because it was the last pair near my show size – lesson learned…

I was peaking & now have to work back to that level, its all good these things happen. I cant explain it when people ask me what i’m training for – where I go I see a lot of people running walking biking what have you & I never wonder what for. As I see fitness is a given , not just  for sports.

Most live sorry pathetic lives governed by happenstance & the more I stay on some next-sh*t I figure the better. As my ending will be non typical so the march continues on. Death to mind numbing sameness.


~ by BE LIKE WATER on December 18, 2011.

3 Responses to “mind numbing sameness…”

  1. We’ve all bought shoes a bit too small or something,just ’cause it’s the last peer or something like that.

  2. I enjoyed the video as I remember those juice places up in harlem. Not those hippie energy drinks but just fresh fruit in the blender delivered to you fresh.

    Once you make building your mindstate who will understand you. People will wonder why you are bettering yourself when you are in pretty good shape anyway. Keep running and keep aiming to make your life more efficient. You’ll get more done with less energy and thus things will finally come easy to you in this life.

  3. salute fam!

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