Honesty In The Matrix ( wise or unskillful ? ) …

Honesty In The Matrix…

A story…

SO my co worker gets  into a disagreement with a contractor – actually the guy disrespected my people and didnt know what hit him when the smoke clear ( verbal beat down lol ) . Contractor is b*tch made and thus snitches to the boss. Next day so called “boss” calls me into her office & asks me what happened. She tells me Tory “be honest” … This lady really thinks i’m going to basically snitch on my folk who I work with everyday & who helped me get the job “because i’m honest” ( in her eyes ) ,  at least I know this lady doesnt value honesty , actually disdain it – to her it was a weakness to exploit. I told her I knew nothing wasnt there at the time & that was that long story short.

So in the matrix honesty is seen as a flaw or weakness a brief illustration. Seriously though why be honest with those who only wish to exploit it. In the matrix the masses hate rightousness all together, mostly through ignorance. In the matrix it is not sound to be seen as “honest” or “nice” that part of who we are should not be wasted there. The nectar is to have a open heart even still that will attract people worthy of sharing with. To be completely closed off is not the right ending, then the matrix wins. One should be discerning & ever keen about where we are and with whom we are dealing. But this “universal honest-ness” is foolishness, please consider where we are.


~ by BE LIKE WATER on December 27, 2011.

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