know thy self ( a prelude to 2012 ) …

know thy self ( a prelude to 2012 ) …

I’m in the fiery furnace but i’m not being burned

Here I speak of “frozen mental’s”, what is it you ask. If by chance I feel I have learned enough – I am no longer growing am I? I’ve happened upon those who feel they have “learned enough” or who have found the ultimate truths beyond all knowing.

There are certain trues no doubt but does that negate all NEW learning no. As for me I will continue learning & growing as is meant. I will contintue to work on myself – constant elevation. I shall build brick by brick beyond the heavens . I will WILL from the heart everyday.

So i’m doing the work reading more vocabulary building so as to paint reality with a more colorful true pallet. I am minful of my thoughts and respecting the body temple. These things are all tangible “non ethereal”. Oh, but I study the un-apparent  too. That which appears frozen – look at water, I study water – its true the only liquid which freezes descending ( top down ). Had it not been for waters unusual ways life as we know wouldn’t be, as life began below its frozen top layers. Happenstance or not I am humbled by the fact – life in itself is miraculous & we so happen to be creation contemplating itself . In this knowing how can I come to fear knowledge – knowledge of myself, only through ignorance.



~ by BE LIKE WATER on December 28, 2011.

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