F That – I’ll Pass!!!! ( like attracts like ) …

F That – I’ll Pass!!!! ( like attracts like ) …

Yo why focus on things we don’t wish. How backwards is that. I’m not studying the things I wish to avail myself of. Its like the old people who watch news 24/7 & are horrified of walking the earth as things are so bleekly painted by the “newscaster” ( read – spell caster ) . I’m sure if I wanted I could conjure up sound reasons to live in complete and utter terror. But to me it is a sickness to be attracted to that side.

The matrix takes us for batter packs & our energy is used to fuel our own mental prisons. F that I’ll pass – have your criminal minds sci miami & first 48 … I pass ! Have all the murder tv you like I rather study life . I study light & other such uncommon things while others nestle in darkness. And what for, they have surrendered the search for light which ifs fine so be it. All have a reason, some act as warnings of what not to become we are all maps after all. Never will we know how our thoughts create our fate.

But to burden myself with the dead weight of studying what I don’t want, F that I pass!


~ by BE LIKE WATER on December 29, 2011.

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