Epic Fail ( not willing to do the work ) …

I’m in the fire but i’m not being burner

X the stupid “x & xy wars”. I’m going to need black man & woman to boss up in epic proportions 2012. I illuded to this in yesterdays post with the header “like attracts like”. I’m not saying to get over the emotional scars by the way . What I will submit is a reasonable request – work on self like never before, thats what i’m doing rather. I’m going to disarm so come what may. A guarded heart does not emit it rather repels guaranteed.

If i’m not acting from the heart i’m acting out of fear & this is being transmitted & repelling what I truely want in life.

2012 marks a spiritual awakening according to the spiritual teachings, why not take advantage of this epic shift. It represents death to the old collective thinking & offers promise to the bold hearted.
This sounds rosy like new age hippie BS well what do you believe. And if your beliefs corner you into a defeated maze of holograms imiganary pictures you call life – enjoy your mysery alone. Just remeber you created that mental setup for yourself so stop passing the blame. You claimed your chains so wear them proud & stop b*tching about it already. Because in truth your reveal yourself to be a failure.

So do the work on self or fall back, you cant expect to win by laying blame outside of you. Stop living in comparison to others. Other races other people in general, if you must compare yourself to anything weigh yourself next to god. To lofty a concept right? Wrong, its only because you dont want to do the work on self which would impact your story. Thats it end rant…

~ by BE LIKE WATER on December 30, 2011.

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