“Consciousness In Four Dimensions” ( planting seeds )…

“Consciousness In Four Dimensions” ( planting seeds )…

Peace firstly, I expect today finds you & yours “all good”. So as it happened my younger brother ( 12 ) was over yesterday for a while.  He lives with my dad in GA at present.  Hadn’t chopped it up with home-team in a few months time so we got up to speed for a minute. How I feel is that if you keep it 100 at all times –  the front that kids generally put up will fade and they will say what they really think without fear of being judged. He has only lived in GA for about the last year & I was eager to learn how he was getting on.

He told me its cool up there but the kids are kind of goofy , as in “country” – fair enough no heat. Since these are rare occasions where we can have a uninterrupted un-distracted talk with kin I took great leaps in imparting some words from the depths A to Z & from 1-10 ( mostly asking questions then replying in true life story form ). I used a few youtube videos to drive home some points – examples of consequences of ignorance while encouragind dude to be his own leader.

By chance i’m about to watch UFC 141 Lesner VS Overeem which I totally forgot about as I was building with my lil bro. Anyway the prelim fights  are on in the back ground and son asks me what would I do if someone started pushing you for no reason.

I retort –  obviously you defend yourself no other recourse, sorry. You did nothing to provoke said individual and they invade your personal space & person thats a violation – unleash hell. I told him right, but I also told him to avoid shady characters at all costs. Avoid the situation – people you dont vibe with if they hang on the left side of the school – well you break right where those cowards dont go avoid them at all costs no harm in that no heat – make it a game. Do your best to first of all avoid nonsense so if you do have to defend yourself rightousness is on your side, straight like that.

Then he picks up a random book from my bookself and asks what its about – “Consciousness in Four Dimensions” I says its about the fact that what we are conscious of is strickly based on what we know. And how we do not see beyond our knowedge which is why its important to have a thisrt for knowledge which he does – loves to read. I overlap the point I made about avoiding haters all costs possible and explained why they hate in the first . Because they see people doing things beyond theyre “grasp” – perhaps possessing talents or having fun which they feel is not possible for themselves based off of ignorance, so what do they do in turn. They hate. I explain how stupid people are generally haters – haters are generally haters through ignorance.

We chopped it up from A to Z the kids sharp hes going places its tuff for kids these days with all the distractions but when we build with our kin from the heart they are getting what they need to make theyre journey less toilsome 2012.


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