group psychosis ( @ 54 degrees ) …

Yesterday I keep hearing in passing how tomorrow would be “so cold”. Today right now its 54°.  If it were going to rain you would have heard about that or if it were going to be “a scorcher” same thing.  For Miami 54° is “something” I suppose  but relatively speaking  its laughable to say this weather change is cause for concern.  Don’t feed into group think they always exaggerated  situations. Rain-hail-sleet-snow what can be done ?

For the masses any excuse suffices, any reason for slack – its epidemically true.  This represents a overall thinking pattern where most take the path of least resistance happily mediocre. But not before cautioning whomever about “potential adversity” – nope cant stomach tribulations can we.   I better just wait until “all conditions are perfect” before I live my life – cowards… It all makes sense now – why I have haters. I’m the dude that when everyone else “stays put” because of adverse conditions I go it alone without hesitation.  When they say we can pick up where we left off on tomorrow because we did enough for today.  I say I will finish it by myself so tomorrow I can chill.

Who knows what has caused the epic  slothfulness on the end of most folks in the matrix, it beats me. No heart, weak heart or just plain weighted down by trivial BS – maybe so… All I know is if your crying about 54 degree weather in winter your probably not much of a doer are you ?





~ by BE LIKE WATER on January 3, 2012.

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