I saw that Matrix… ( the divide & conquer plot ) …

Though i’m not religious per se,  I was indeed moved at the family get together yesterday during prayer. The whole purpose of communion is to elevate as I see. So during the cypher I focused at the heart center and beamed that energy outwards into the sphere our joined hands had formed. My uncle Larry’s prayer about family was heat, I was moved to tears. And the irony was the most devoutly religious among us when she went in it all but killed the vibe. Her words seemed accusatory- the usual fire & brimstone variety prayer & the devil this & the devil is a liar that, it was wack.

The more I operate from my heart center the more I see through sh*t – love her above all regardless. The lesson was clear to me – everyone else was coming from a place of love. While her words seemed based on a fear doctrine . There it is again – studying what we dont wish thus breating life into it. It vaporised the air in the whole room and all seemed relieved when it had finally ended. I was asked to say a word I basicly said bless the whole world and much love to everyone profound right ?

If salvageable then strengthen family ties forgive & resist oneupmanship urge among kin. We deal with snakes & fakes daily in the Matrix yet are incapable of interacting with those who wish us best?  If you succeed they succeed as I uncle illuminated during the prayer. I’m telling you, mending family ties is the secret to destroying the matrix. I went years thinking my kin were my greatest foe and for this I forgive myself. They are indeed the greatest advocate I know even through trails. That is not to say some of them I dont F with period end of story I still have no ill will against them . I want everone to eat, & I want everone happy i’m telling you the matrix did a number on us having kin vs kin for ephemeral status. Forgiven…



~ by BE LIKE WATER on January 3, 2012.

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