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But the battle is won by swords being swung – GZA

The subconscious is a beast. Here at Waterist we deal in “all things water” ( its a movement ) . We go to the depths of the abyss & hopefully – hopefully NOT drown or succumb to pressure. Peep game ( or conjecture ) Humans.Aren’t.All.There, walk with me for a sec…


“Your not actually dealing with the person before you – but instead a set of programs on auto pilot so to speak”

Our lives are defined by our thoughts, our thoughts are the product of subconscious reflex. The subconscious sublimates routine. The brain is so powerful that once it learns something new  it does it automatically cool right ( whats the catch you ask ? ) ?  That’s why martial artist train until technique becomes ingrained. We on the other hand, train our minds rather unskillfully in toto. That’s why – we keep getting the same results and are frustrated ?   Most don’t even see their thoughts as something to “be trained”.  Its wild because a great percentage use substances to “tame the mind”  so obviously the want to master it is there, even while unskilled. Its wild how one can have all the physical strength in the world yet choke under psychological pressure –  it all leads back to mental hygiene my kin. That’s why smart people rule the world they have conditioned their thinking in a certain way that yields desired results something to consider… So the battle is won not on the battle field itself you know the rest.




~ by BE LIKE WATER on January 5, 2012.

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