peep game ( related to limitations ) …

I was for some reason thinking about my grandma just now. I wasn’t raised without  my mom or dad my grandma was basically god. All who knew her loved her & coming up in the 80’s thanks to her wings I was  spared an unfavorable fate. It makes me sad as close relative I came up with are spending eternity in jail. So many similar fates I was spared give thanks.  I was just thinking, man, since my grandma passed I find myself being surprised when people I know have grandmas. Its like since my grandma passed all grandmas forever more dont exist.

Like I always do I looked for knowledge in my musings. This time it appeared as a cautionary observation.  When we have very powerful experiences in life it may seem they cannot be surpassed, true enough non of our grandmas are coming back.

But be keen of this subconscious box which transmits into the world  that the best of things has passed, because irreplacable people or events cant be replaced ( I know I used replaced twice ) . Save room for next-ness be keen not to mummify the heart chakra.




~ by BE LIKE WATER on January 5, 2012.

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