2012 = Spiritual Baller-ism ( light being ethos ) …

2012 rise of the spiritual ballers . The righteous are indeed winning.

I’m looking at the people nearest to me & the Mayans were right – the end of the world

has befallen many. Namely those corrupted by the matrix ethos.  They all

appear weak around us. People I use to be annoyed by appear almost pitiful

they were living off my energy my negative feelings towards them. Those

closest to me are winning, I wont even quantify it but we winning trust me.

Your seeing the same thing, its no coincidence trust. Things have shifted

we no longer buffer our greatness as to not offend the losers we have mercy on.

Spiritual Ballerism is the sh*t 2012 and beyond we going in.



~ by BE LIKE WATER on January 10, 2012.

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