The Play of Masks … ( un-free ) …

the play of masks

I remember selling water on the street when a nice lady handing out religious pamphlets asked – do I ever think racism would end. I said yes ma’ma not missing a beat. By her expression she hadn’t expected my answer. I said anything with a beginning to shall end. She let me know in no uncertain terms that god was the only answer – fair enough. At least we were both speaking our minds heart to heart. In corporate environments this on the other hand is not acceptable. You are discouraged from voicing political or religious views whatsoever. It is a false reality governed by an imposed hierarchy. Identity & personality is shunned where it has little value to the bottom line i.e. your job description. Adhere to this implicit gravity or be deemed a trouble maker insubordinate – i.e job at risk. How does this impact our over all well being long term. Might this account for our overindulgent escapist ways – these things I consider.

We are indeed servants in all reality – at the whim of our handlers . How is this sane or normal?  Who we really are is rendered out of focus for a contrived persona in its place. Yet at once we are to somehow coalesce & be productive under these mandates .  Beneath it all co-workers must really hate each other lol as one is given a special benefit while  the next is completely ignored. What a parade of masks pretending, vying for attention while presenting a congenial presentation , this will not be our fate my kin.



~ by BE LIKE WATER on January 18, 2012.

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