Already ( key indicators of futility ) …

Them that’s got shall get – Them that’s not shall lose. – Billie Holiday

This has to do with a propensity or leaning towards inaction on the part of those we find ourselves sharing  with. Lets take getting in shape for example. Its amazing that so many who have no intention whatsoever of  acting upon what they are hearing imparted  will ask thousands of questions related to getting in shape, what part of the game is that?! I think its weird as hell myself.

The truth is people interested in anything will already know something about the subject even in passing. If you find yourself having to introduce foreign concepts to people like “financial sovereignty” for example. You can be sure they are not likely to act on the information. I’ve discovered that short of doing the work for the average person they aren’t budging.  It would be equivalent to you  dieting & exercising then somehow transferring the benefits over to them. They what us to toil inspiring them & they feel entitled to it.  And we struggle to make things accessible to them until we see they don’t want to do any better, it was all a weird charade.  I see now why the rich get more while the weak ones fade, because they chose to be weak in the beginning.


~ by BE LIKE WATER on January 21, 2012.

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