maturation -VS- stasis


  1. The action or process of maturing: “success maturation”.
  2. (of wine or other fermented drink) The process of becoming ready for drinking.


  1. A period state of inactivity or equilibrium.
  2. A stoppage of flow of a body fluid.

The gathering or ripening process alas. I am just sharing some thoughts please add on. I’m definitely well acquainted with “stasis”. I know its name way too well. I’m sick of stasis & I have the plan, a way to abscond its stupid hold. Here’s where maturation happens which is a pain. Waiting on the “means” only means lack of creativity & drive on my behalf. I should be much further on my way to my goals & truthfully i’m the only one to blame. In the mean time i’m just going to work on myself overall. All I need now is to be among the people with something to sell that I believe in. I cant lie to people while selling i’m just not built like that. If i’m spitting my genuine mode the rest is history, to that end I now am researching the hell out of my product & every aspect remotely related to it. By summer if i’m not on the block full force i’m full of sh*t and deserve to struggle eternally among the defeatist’s.



~ by BE LIKE WATER on January 23, 2012.

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