Exorcise them haters . ( true story )








Exorcise them haters . ( true story )


Recently through skillfulness  I forced a hater to come forward. It was a cousin & no longer can he undermine my moves with the cover of being related. Dude actually wanted to throw hands when it all went down – I will elaborate further later or maybe not its not important I  wasnt going to fight that bum it didnt happen.


You see, the last 2 sundays my family has been getting togethers in hopes of mending things – vibing as my grandmother would have wanted us to – its all in her memory. You know what it is when American Black people get together family or no – eventually some ignorant sh*t will happen.


You see in the past I was the one who  went along to get along & family more than anyone else clings to past images especally when age equals rank & wisdom – the way it did 20 years ago when you had no say. You never grow up to your family which by the way causes many to flee the family picture all together and if by chance your one to say F that I’m not going anywhere near my kin  I would totally relate. You see,  we keep it too real often, & knowing no one is perfect we tend to dismiss one another out of hand in a race to the bottom – we know this as the crab in a barrel mentality. You think your grand I remember 15 years ago you were a creak head ( see what I mean ) …


My cousin who wanted to fight me simply because I got rank among the elders and he is not willing to do what is required to get favorable notice. I help people simply put . I add value – I have obtained technology and health & neutrition knowledge & thats where everyone is on right now – it is what it is. This dude on the other hand is a selfish leech & unremorseful user of others – a taker, who does only calculated things based on reward or note ( getting shine )  – dude thinks he is too cool to be checked so the only response he could muster was to try and fight me.


Why wont haters just make themselves known at the gate – because, they want to be close enough to cause damage to your kingdom. You have to smoke them out of theyre hater caves on some G J Bush ish. You shining does this, watch the deformed faces they don – shattered lol . I couldnt imagine being gripped by a spirit of jealousy off of  any one – they breaths the same air as I do – amazing.





~ by BE LIKE WATER on February 8, 2012.

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