THE FEET ( Revisit )



I wrote on my foot issues recently & on the strength since then, I have been doing a lot of “foot recon” of sorts. I started a family fitness health movement & you might as well call me the foot prophet because while they’re quizzing me on “losing weight” and which exercises to do for what result I detour them on the vital importance of feet conditioning first things first. After all, our feet support our entire body weight & it is reasonable to pay them more smart attention.  I am recommending brisk walks in the field at the park rather than taking the trail . I am recommending minimal running shoes I too am a prophet of minimalist kicks. Shoes of today have so many bells and whistles these days they might as well stop faking the funk  and put engines inside them bad boys . Much much more on these matters later – I’m at the J O getting this seed money for the empire : )  . I keep burning out my home modem second time in a month that’s why I’ve been absent – hold tight more water-ish soon come.  I will leave you with 2 videos that will hopefully resonate


author of book born to run book will change your life

barefoot ted dude is epic check it



~ by BE LIKE WATER on February 8, 2012.

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