Benign Hatred ( ? ) … Good VS Evil

Benign Hatred ( ? ) … Good VS Evil

Is it possible to hold blessed  hatred for anything or anyone – YES if  by doing so said phenomena is destructive. In being opposed to its existence you are in short  “doing good” ( no harm )  – as in a hater of haters ( follow ? ) . I’m trying to upgrade my understanding of possibly the  most famous of opposites , probally woven deep into our very fibers through moral lessons “GOOD VS EVIL”. It is my position that we are born good, & through ignorace exploit others believing that we ourselves lack greatness. Brought about by happenstance or the chasm that is COMPARISONS. They have I do not have so I will TAKE as by them having I feel lesser. Are all acts without a side effects pro or con ? Immediately I question my meditations. How is it harmful as it has been epic in my elevation … This came to mind. Those who may LACK ( so they think ) an ability OR the  desire to learn to meditate may feel some kind of way about the whole thing not my fault or doing . Yet according to them stilling the mind is pointless if not impossible – see what I mean? You doing good works actually makes people mad – & them being mad , guess what , is a good thing – let your success burn them slow !



~ by BE LIKE WATER on February 10, 2012.

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