All levels ( indigenous vibes )…

All levels ( indigenous vibes )


Major studies are underway my kin – working on self – all levels.  I taught barefoot running 2 days last week after work (one time for making your J.O.B. a springboard into your life’s work fitness nutrition spiritual ascendency here-here   ) and had mega fun or ultra mega super fun – BETTER.

Just over once was I found frustrated at a participant, as I couldn’t quite get across certain subtleties respecting technique, TECHNIQUE is everything so MORE study on my behalf is definitely on deck  – no heat…  I hear of trainers who complain that working with people to get them in better shape is really a psychology 101 course / i.e. baby sitting ( but I’m sure your personal trainer thinks different of us *smirk ) .  AS I see, when we make it our duty to help people we have to meet them where they are period end of story.


Ok so here’s how you would run shoeless or dare I say it “naturally” (drum’s …) … See  yourself running ( pregnant pause ) …  Now fashion a wheel like  motion out of your stride. Once momentum is steady all you need do is brush the soil with the front of the foot producing a spring ( think gazelle ) on the down ever so slightly & deliberately to keep your stride strong. Your arms balance & propel as they sway opposite stride above the your waste .Think of how a paddle would rows through the water in a canoe race (same thing) running is a lot like flying  no lie!.  So were not running “really” were paddling on a cloud, makes sense  ( too too deep for your own good Tory Jackson – NEVER ! )  ?





~ by BE LIKE WATER on March 9, 2012.

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