Sickness Amid… ( the ugly struggle )

Sickness Amid… ( the ugly struggle )

So I’m vibeing how I do, open to new things, taking it all in, life – its beauty and I swear the air was scented with honey. So I’m flowing with the wind like walking on water as I move I’m  about to slide to the mall.  I take the transit & as I kick back  something befalls me. I look and see sickness all around me. People who look worn & frail even the youths seemed slowly in decline energetically. Just then as I am seeing these things a kid & his mom board the bus. The kids face was deformed I’m like what the f*ck is going on is this bus on its way to hell?  I think the healthier we become the more we recognize sickness in others & are drawn to help them. I can now see it in the eyes the breathings the posture the stride clear indications of imbalance. Then the psychological tax of that kid caught me. The girl seated beside him was holding back her acidic snickering just enough while clinching her “smart” phone and chirping obtuseness into it as to suppress an outburst of laughter (classy chic) …

I notice the kids posture all too aware of the aquard  stares encasing him. Not moving an inch palms rested firmly in lap not an inch only to occasionally glance out the corners to know if I or anyone else was too holding back laughter. I was wondering what the condition was and his mothers stern face revealed a certain sense of guilt burdened toll. I felt for her as I am sure things are heavy on her heart & I hope they have a connection with god or supreme life force energy if you will. You get mad at me for always talking about nutrition & fitness but look around you its hellish out here. And whats more, its all by design All of it. There is no real reason our municipal tap water can’t be alkalized & purified with the latest means available to us for example. There is no reason that air filtration systems aren’t as ubiquitous as fast food eateries in our densely populated cities; all by design I repeat. Sickness is business and we are but fodder.

Looking upward I can say I am making a dent by doing. This is why having more ( $$$$$$ ) is so imperative as we can then do more. Struggle is over rated it is not beautiful to struggle where struggler has no end. These are all outdated sublimated OS’s (operating systems) that dam the adherent.  That kid is going to have a time dealing with his own situation and then there is the sickness around him to contend with as well. Let light and abundance shower the sick and deformed and let them increase in peace while doing.



~ by BE LIKE WATER on March 9, 2012.

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