Victim-ist ( i.e. supreme b*tch-ass-ness… )

It only takes 1 drop of iodine to  fill a glass of water completely , blah blah blah …

Woe is he who uses past scars as a justification for FAILURE . Such b*tchassness is worthy of contempt. Recent there was family drama where a cousin brought up sh*t that happened at least 15 years ago to justify why he is a F*ing FAILURE  & a leacher . What a b*tch ass Ni**er I hate ni**gers who live in the past as victims to justify being a b*tch. You let one person or persons F*ck your life up when you have talents beyond measure , I cant fade that…

You “allow” some trivial happenstance to destory you forever to prevent you from finding joy and happiness thats wild AF…

But my kin such b*tch-ass-ness is epidemic and epitomizes the failure lot that encompasses us. F*ch them wealk ass MF’s they wont hold me back with that hoe sh*t . You want to be a victim be my guess but guess what, you have no sympathy empathy or apathy here, I’m just keeping it moving. Get over it life goes on the world keeps spinning you think everything revolves around you. I bet you if you disapear the sun will set on the next day. SO get over your little woe is me plot line. Your living in reverse dude… And your suppose to be a “G” GTFOH  1…


~ by BE LIKE WATER on March 10, 2012.

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