Worldly Girls ( but they’re mind is not ready, here we go ) …

Worldly Girls ( but her mind is not ready, here we go ) …

b*tch get yoh mind right – Mystikal

Both biological imperatives of males & females are equally “there” & inextricably woven. Saying that one is more shallow than the other is dumb … My only gripe is that woman should become MORE spiritual & thus less (exploited by ) under the spell of the material world i.e. THE MATRIX. GAME works because it exploits a woman’s base level drives at the expense of the long term fulfillment . Today’s relationships forecast is well , F*ed up based on selfishness & deception from males & females under this current “reality tunnel” ( I will expound on that term later ) it’s time to get on some next sh*t to bring balance back indeed. Since I am conscious meaning willfully AWARE of my programming & folly of social + cultural conditioning / casting I am not going to give THE MATRIX my soul. TRUE we should master it ( T M ) but not at the expense of the “higher self” ( lofty I know I know ) . And really I been on some metaphysical sh*t lately. WORD, I will share all here and now so pour up your  favorate elixir & vibe my kin. Walk with me…

I done voodoo on a sista, & it worked & then I had to refrain because after I got her under my sway I realized I didn’t even know if  she may be worldly L . And now I am confused & thrown because 1 I like her style her vibe & how she carrier herself wifey material ( fine AF body banging too! ) 2 I don’t want to impose my ways on her respecting free will ( follow? ) & finally 3 I may be getting myself into a sticky wicket willingly no less – which makes for hypocrisy. You know how the story goes, in the end it will befall the usual trappings BUT I will “investigate a little further” & project a favorable outcome. I will share my method of mental science (voodoo) I used ,it works & real spit – we do not grasp the power of the mind this sh*t really works ( is amazing ) .

First off I found out she wasn’t in a relationship of course. THEN I started to invest in her “energetically”. I started to project from my heart to hers good will & all favorable outcomes in her life (keep reading) . I would dedicate my successes to her, she is privy to none of this mind you, NONE. Anything I did that was epic ( which is often ) I dedicated to her, when I ran 12 miles last Monday you guessed it I dedicated it to her LOL. During my meditation when I reached the tranquil state I wished that she would be in the same state during the day, when I was eating I wished she would too be nourished. When I work out I wished her the same epicness & wellbeing. What else… I projected my feeling for her to her telepathically & I transformed my sexual energy ( mojo / chi  ) to light and showered her with it. THEN suddenly I would start to see her seemingly EVERYWHERE I went. She couldn’t NOT notice me, it was working, taking effect ( mojo ) . She said something to me where before we hadn’t said anything to one another verbally. Then a few days ago she asked me for a ride – you say random, how in the f*ck ? I never had a single conversation with her.

I know for a fact that I have her now you know when you know you dig ? What I am doing now is mining for data and letting things unfold in course of time, you can’t rush eternity my kin no rush , chill… Mental science is superior to running game in that rather than taking from the girl you are giving – which draws her to you (magnetism) . Born of the energy field you created with this caveat –  in order for it to work its got to be skillfull. You can’t have f*ed up motives or it won’t stick so to thy self be true, nukka. And far as I know its wise to use it on only 1 girl at a time that’s how the spirit moves me and it makes sense become the energy will become dispersed ( think laser beam ).Now I’m noticing a lot of worldly girls are choosing but I would rather stay on my righteous sh*t as I have been down that road before, fell in love with wild girls and got my heart murked on the house trying to curtail them, no point in that – lesson”S” learned. Work on yourself and you become a magnet, but don’t fall into the trapping of the base level you will suffer doubly because you knew better , yo i’m out.



~ by BE LIKE WATER on March 22, 2012.

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