A Mans Worth ( written with a “light” ethos ) …

Fellas why buffer ourselves anymore, F that bro, go for all the best of things – ALL. The spiritually smarter I am ( dare I say it )  the more I see bullsh*t & I say F everything, EVERYTHING. I’m not going to FOLLOW theory that in anyway relegates me to a lowly modest lot – F that! Maya my kin nothing more than pure MAYA , this whole thing is utter bullsh*t illusory. So let me then settle in a humble position and be content therein, you serious? I seriously think or better, I become nausious upon reflection, my former self rightous selves . I’m not going to tell anyone and especally another dude you have worth if you are broken in spirit just kill yourself seriously ( not literally ok? ) .   Then again you will need to kill your “self” or better former self & wake the F up.


Let me shout out my kin, my team – i’m writing about you people in my blog. The universe stays winning and governing things favorably i.e. there is no happenstance. The subject of prey and hunter surfaced in talks finally.  I said & I still say we must be the hunters and I know empirically the reflex to shun the notion via my own for mentioned self rightous days. The self rightous would rather opt out, by this meaning – to be hunted nor hunter but some “third” thing ( invisable? ) . I tire of such cowardice ultimately  you are FORCED to take action in life be it  in reaction or response to circumstances. Just like breating & eating just being has its costs. Look, none is perfect but self deprecation is not becoming of a hunter and you the hunter need to accept your flaws without punishing yourself with mediocrity god dahm it! I’m convinced some of yall deplete your chi energy to such an extent that your nuts are no more, cut that sh*t out.


Yes the best of things, if a girl does not see your value she will. Right, confusing, its the whole thing about giving a F too much which transmits neediness throughout the whole damned galaxy. Try this experiment – rather than smile or become overly accomidating to a pretty girl who you dont know by the way. Look her over in a manner as if your trying to see past her surface to her true essence & watch how the tables turn. Dont give off stalked vibe, i’m just saying stop projecting neediness is all. Disclaimer : DO NOT practice any of the above mechanically you should really want to see her soul, i’m not with that playing pretend sh*t work on yourself untill its real. I’m going to soon write about facial expression and trust me its not going to be by the numbers . In other words its going to be natural progression i’m not going to tell you to look at someones eyebrows or to focus on the left eye of a person if you have trouble looking them in the eyes – nope.


The ancient knowledge all says that reality is a hologram and we each create our own world in real time. I’m currently undoing all that F*ed programming I adopted in the past its all good everyday is blessed. You have been giving too much room for bullsh*t in your mind that does you know good – stop that sh*t. Keep studying and growing and everything will fall in place – everything will crack open. This is to be continued because I intended to write about something different entirely but what can I say I follow vibes. Salute







~ by BE LIKE WATER on March 30, 2012.

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