Aura ( height complex ) …

What is the opposite of The Napolean Complex = Height Complex


I’m about 5’7 with respect, & what about “height complex”. Those  with favorable “social reinforcement” who strut around like they are gods simply because they are considered tall ? This is a lessor built upon topic because inharently people will imagine an axe to grind i.e. b*tchassness on the part of the writer who is short. F that, the apex of b*tchassness in my own opinion is to flaunt happenstance ( i’m white i’m white ) . That is to say, we have nothing to do with how we look or our height making it hense retarted to be conceited about it. I dont get how height translates to dominance, it seems to me aura is whats of supreme importance. And say a giant does defeat a normal man, by slaying him who faught to his death, who was the more couragous? And since it is unwise to fight even a small army who will fight to the death for rightousness sake, my posit that it is retarted to flaunt happenstance remains intact. Energy is all, more than anything life is about the transfer of energy. Some people seem larger than life while others have no pressence to rememeber. This is caused by the energy field which surrounds one, here called “aura”. I would rather be less a presence no lie. I would even say that sense I am not coditioned to give a sh*t about height mostly HC’s ( the heigh complexed )  are  intimidated by me rather, using body language to suggest more dominance ( i.e. utter faggotry )  . Even further, my best friend back in the day who was over 6 ft told me that he hated to fight dudes my height who got heart. Fight, war, violence,  these combative terms are being thrown around a lot because height denotes dominant physicality when taken to its logical conclusion it means a physical advantage over others, which should be adhered to ?. Or… Is it all a game, an illusion, assumed advantage in other words, a given. But again, what if the social conditioning did not take, and say, one is indifferant to anothers  physicallity in comparison to his own height especally in matters of defending himself or loved ones, then where is the advantage because anyone with heart is a problem regardless. Finally, in closing, the strongest adversary to anyone is his or her own mind .Retarted I tell you just retarted the matrix be on some sh*t …




~ by BE LIKE WATER on March 30, 2012.

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