Comp ( battle ) …

I know now, why a lot of “spiritual people” withdraw from battle. In a word “b*tchassness”… Lo & behold, the spirit worker not walking on water as we expect, but on egg shells as to not offend or upset The Matrix by existing. They will not know how THEY themselves add to the hellishness upon this blue fertile orb. Broadcasting b*tchassness throughout all galactis, with irony then, they attract that which they wish to be abolished – WAR .  And seldom does compitition beget bloodshed in todays sterile war theater.  Strength of emotion is tested more often than bone & of course being “sensative” the spiritualy bent tends to avoid such a tax. Please go inside and meditate on these things, there you will find answers tailored to you be assured. My one reluctant truth is that the will to survive is killing you. I was asked yesterday do I ever get paniced and feel as if I am about to die. If one asks more are in the same being haunted . And what do billionare heirs spend theyre time doing beyond self loathing . Collecting paintings rare artifacts & travel i.e. learning. While we, tethered to the will to survive are weighed down by such illisions as a death. Inner alchemy my kin .




~ by BE LIKE WATER on March 30, 2012.

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