Piecing it all together (orgasmic is learning ) …

Piecing it all together (orgasmic is learning ) …


This week I am revisiting some of the work of B F Skinner via PDF ( ebook ) I suggest everyone get TextAloud, a top rank text to speech app  . Also you want a good voice engine, nix Microsoft Sam which is garbage- sounds like a computer talking . I like the IVONA voice’s, I rock with Amy UK mad sexy. You can sample voice engines at youtube just type “best IVONA voice synthesis” or some such and your good. Back to the main ish…


The work of B F Skinner serves as a stark  reminder of with I suspected to be true all along about human behavior. Thinking back to my elementary school days when the teacher would reward our favorable behavior with a star beside your name on the board or give out candy. I ask myself how this has shaped the mind subsequently. Skinner posits that behaviors is shaped by consequence. So the ones who never earned gold stars in class were being in essence punished for falling short (that’s if stars and candy moved you ) . I guess jailing people who break the law would be principally the same in practice, at least it has the same potency to a kid whose being called stupid because his name has no gold stars beside it. Something should be said about the kids keen enouht to see the game and opt out. They were usually called trouble makers and or ADD – how about that.


So right from the gate we are creating winners and losers via reward & punishment. See, that’s one reason I be on that spiritual sh*t because had I been solely attuned to the physical, ruled by unseen hands, I would have long ago been broken and or defeated ( perish the thought ) . There has to be some method to unplug from the rat race that colors most of our lives. Namely the necessity’s like food clothing shelter. And too, there must exist a means by which we may prevail over the pending pursuit of contentness within the context we find ourselves fastened with.


Man, the fear of learning has us so F’ed up. Somewhere we were taught to believe that leaning intensly would make us mad, as in crazy. We see people who have book smarts but are socially awkward- lame, for us confirmation. Opt to be a cool fool so be it, I’m getting at “knowing”. I’m here to say that not only is learning orgasmic it will damn well save your life. Speaking for me, everything I am learning becomes immediately applicable and slows me down in no way. The mind is infinite my kin dive into the vastness of information fear not, you will prevail, don’t you think ?




~ by BE LIKE WATER on April 5, 2012.

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