Kim Kardashian Revisited ( the church + reactionary feminism = fame via sex tape ) …

Kim Kardashian Revisited ( the church + reactionary feminism = fame via sex tape ) …

I no longer loathe Kim Kardashian worshipers, I give her her salute. You see, in america today woman are in toto sexually bottled up, alianated from their own bodys and souls, the prefect recipe for misery aint it. They are taught to smartly use their sexuality for manipulation of men ( commodification ? ) NEVER for pure pleasure & fulfillment. And we all know that repression only leads to compulsion and thus prevents any lady from attainment of her  goal which is for most, love. I get it now, Kim Kardashian is popular because she unashamadely acts on her  natural instinct as a woman which  most woman indoctrinated by feminist doctrines and the church have been guilted into relinquishing.

Americanized woman vicariously live through Kim, perhapse wishing they were as strong. How can a woman exercise her own will( ? ) , how can a woman have  sex with no benifit besides her pleasure. “no ring on it” no gifts save for being pleased ( dirty whore ? ) .  What else makes sense , you have a woman known for  having sex on tape, its not as simple as petty celebrity worship . Such is the cultural side effect with the death of basic instincts . All for “the greater good”, the family name, social status, “respect”. Is it a  wonder then that todays woman are so damn unhappy, may the death of female intuition account for the near pathological consumerism by todays woman, which of course is NOT frowned upon socially ( $urprise ) . No issue there hmmmm ?…

I implore ALL woman to rebell at once if you value your freedom ! Reclaim your sexual power and indeed be MORE like Kim Kardashian than say – a Condelezza Rice . Flaunt your sex appeal, be sexy, you will be happier than now, your body belongs to you, does it not? Not to the church, nor the government right, right ? Look at the fruits of puratian extremism BS we are currently living under, a void, unhappiness, woman power( ? ) how free really.. Besides the main ones talking smack are the real freaks on the low. Whats my agenda you ask ? Firstly becoming a super man Übermensch babe & besides dealing with happier healthier more lively honeys of course, I need to be being visually stimulated by more curvy banging bodied goddesses doing they thing, nothing wrong with that nothing but adoration here. Who gives a F what politicans & Clergy think, do they have a vested interest in freedom or in control ? BOOM there it is, have a good day .



~ by BE LIKE WATER on April 11, 2012.

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