“Stiffs” ( the walking corpse epicness FAIL )…

“Stiffs” ( the walking corpse epicness FAIL )…


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So we not only act like robots in to to, we’ve gone further that we should too WALK like robots ?  Bascially its a defensive posture ment to ward off threats “from without”, real or imagined – mostly the latter . Really, honestly, theres no need to walk around all corpse like and “premeditative” if you will. Though the fight or flight response is argueably inate, that is to say its hard wired into our species. Be that as it may, logically speaking, every stranger you cross paths with isnt out  to get you – trust me on this one.


If anything random did pop-off, a relaxed demeanour whould surve you better in the interest of preserving the self. Besides, you really get to witness what we’re made up in chaos anyway, not in our calm mostly predictable day to days ( more on this to come ) . Look at the kung fu masters,  They move in loose and fluid motions, as stiffness impedes on the reflexes. They are relaxed and adaptive to the randomness that surely will occur in combat i.e. the unexpected, which as implied cannot be prepared for – makes sense( ? ) .


So heres the crux – we’ve “evolved” to defend our selves with amazing efficency – to the death. So walking the earth all stiff and “cementified” is to blaspheme the ancestors who, some thousands of yours ago dealt with real dangers you or I could scarcely even imagine – like say, possibly being eaten alive, daily. Loosen up kids, be light on your toes like a boxer, don’t be the mascot for rigor mortis, uncool . Being stiff = walking dead and we are not here for that, life is for the alive – makes sense right ? Cool i’m done…





~ by BE LIKE WATER on April 17, 2012.

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