The beautiful Test ( i.e. The “B*tch” Test ) …

The beautiful Test  ( i.e. The “B*tch” Test ) …


Bait and watch …


I invented this test so far as I can tell. Heres what you do . You tell a girl youve just met that shes beautiful. If she says thanks & blushes shes a cool chic. If howeevr she starts acting  wierd about a complement, consider that a omen – she may suffer delusions of entitlement, so removed from her feelings as to be a cold hearted schemeing b*tch – put mildly . I’m thinking it was just a complement how can she take offense ( ladies chime in ) . I tell even not so beautiful girls they are beautiful because in actuality I really find something appealing about her. Like her vibe or her nice round ass of big titties & fat ass, I still mean it…


So far, the really really attractive girls always blush and say thanks, because… They actually rarely get praise, mostly haters in the form of envious witches and  dudes shook or who resent the feeling of insacurity they might harbor .Maybe I over reach but I doubt it, but maybe i’m wrong  – regardless my research continues , bless the goddesses.



~ by BE LIKE WATER on April 23, 2012.

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