Travel log Sunday APR 22 2012

Travel log Sunday APR 22 2012


As a man ( or woman ) , respect yourself that is all…


I’m headed to the beach on par , religously, as its sunday ( get it , sunday “religiously” – ha ha ha… ;-\ ) . Its how I reground, In nature, I defy the SS ( social status )  imposed onto me according to bank balance & job title  . I’m on the come up but these days potential is seen as nothing – its a cold game indeed. That’s accordingly to societys unforgiving appraisal I am a mere “tadpole” in a world ruled by sharks. And in accord with these standards which dictated that  man is valued according to his wallets heft, or you can say health as being broke is sickening ain’t it. I damn it all – I render it powerless ,I am the defiant beast –  I AM money b*tch I tell the super ego. I zone into the pictureaque-ness of babes &  waves, who could ask for anything more – the beach is always epic.


Today is no exception, on the ride over – and it was just that, A RIDE – not unlike being at the fair, only this time the roller coaster wasnt fixed  to a steel rail, ergo crazy bus driver. So check it, were passing port of miami like 5 minutes from the beach when suddenly … The driver who I noticed took a cigeret break just before departure – hint hint ( bad nerves )  , i’m saying, the crazy ass driver breaks hard going down the overpass causing dude in the wheel chair to keels over rocketing into the panel  in front of him, dude folded up like a boxing glove – check it , dude then proceed to whine like a baby for help. Everyone is just looking, and to be honest it was surreal, like what the F am I seeing. The girl seated across from the guy goes to help I then jump over the lady i’m seated next to, this should be easy I say to myself . I try to firemans carry dude into his seat – that guy was a solid blob ( I know a contridiction in terms ; -\ ) dude  had to be at least 250-300 solid, no dice. The girl was just in the way and somehow she got penned in under ole dude and the panel, nice. I’m not strong enough to free her as we both try to lift the guy back into the seat of his wheel chair. I tell the bus driver to lift the top half and I got the bottom ( arms / waste ) he just stood there like a b*tch looking suprised. Man the disabled man was REALLY disabled I thought to myself, dude is helpless, sh*t was crazy! What the F I think all these N* on the bus and only a girl would help. I look to the back of the bus and call  for someone with strength to step up.


A white dude who looked like an ex marine was sitting with his wife then kicked in and we got the man back into his wheelchair securely. THEN the crazy bus driver comes over to lectures the guy in Spanish about not having the seat belt fastened – true. But isnt it his job to make sure the passanger was secure when he first boarded, it takes all kinds of people man, all kinds – i’m telling you. Anyway everyones getting settled and by now 2 kats join to help after the fact – kind of late fam I think. I calmly return to my seat not so much as a thankyou or acknowledgement from anyone. Thats how it is as men, especally , we are just expected to kick in and if needed get into harms way. A fine spanish girl with a fat ass brushed up against me as she passed exiting the bus , I took that as props on my epicness, so be it.


Real spit tho, I enjoy sh*t like that, you know , helping people… I’ve been asked why not become a cop  , because in theory, they help people for a living. Sorry I just cant get pass the ultimatate nature of the american style police force which is frankly fuckery, and doubley so in miami – no dice. Its funny because ladies, that guy your taking forgranted would likely risk his own life to save yours 9 x’s out of 10. Even that guy who you think is to clean to break a sweat, think about it. And this kind of ties into my latest rumibations related to self respect and not giving a F about validation. Since when do N get metals of honor for exceeding the low expectations projected onto them. I wont broach that topic just yet, because, on the strength, i’m about to make a power move, but the science behind it is deep. Never the less in 2012 get paper… SALUTE !


Break out of the chains of the social caste system act freely fuck what people think or how they might reproach – F it !



~ by BE LIKE WATER on April 23, 2012.

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