become beast

some new ish I put together – enjoy

I created a new  stile of rhyming I call swing form –  I bold underline  italicize & “parenthesizesome  examples of it in use- I leave nuances ( cant reveal the entire blue print you dig ) …

It is indeed a code language – those who know, know – its written for them – the ones who know – same as the ancients – code language was used so when you were on a certain level it all made sense not before . And the uninitiated were left in the darkness , so be it …




Do not” morn” – as you were “born” to be morethan a “moron” see-more plan  > before “travel” – do not “unravel” flow “dazzle” with your glow.  The blind – un-tow – I shall remind – the mind defies to be quantifying or tied. I shall hurryyou prodcurry you – favor with the gods > – for your odd labors I nod – bless thee flee- morph – become the beast – dwarf rivals – let survival become the least – of concerns return to be archival


~ by BE LIKE WATER on April 27, 2012.

2 Responses to “become beast”

  1. Are you a fellow Aquarian?Just curious.

  2. peace fam ! born in august dont know exactly

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