I would FALL !

I would FALL !

what if hell were heaven and heaven was HELL – ST

This goes out to those who were fraught by religious oppression  which is ALL . We live in a puritanical society on the surfice where the truely rightous are the crisified ones. It may sound crazy to some but I can relate to, even salute satan. Who, could not worship man & for this became a martyr, the irony. Actually its quite natural to resist enslavement.  Look at any animals reaction to being domesticated.  But we don’t view ourselves as animals do we. What about our domestication ???

And how does this relate to me. Well , what then does it mean to say that  someone is socially well adjusted. It really means that your willing to accept anything , any  ammount of bullshit and STILL pay your taxes with a smile ,remain non violent under any circumstances with a smile, go to work everyday with a smile , be a provider and producer while willingly forgoing your god given freedom with a smile. The term drapetomania was a mental disorder ( you gotta love the art of psychology ) wherein afrikan slaves were deemed insane , why , because they attempted to or did escape for captivity – make the connection. I wrote these bars in that vein…




~ by BE LIKE WATER on April 30, 2012.

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