Firstly I do not pierce at people as I find it to be quite hostile and preemptive not to mention primitive! The study of eyes, shall we…

The eyes are the windows to the soul, I somewhat agree hesitantly and with great pause. As someone not well versed in eye techniques may look on the surface timid, and be actually brave.

The matter is, since we live in densely populated cities often governed by imposed hierarchies. When at work place (the plantation )  , social settings and among our peers for instance. It is important that the  eyes actually mirror our  highest self expression i.e. FREEDOM, this is of supreme importance. After all we are finally animals and behave accordingly, so expect others to respond in kind, the story your eyes communicate about you will inform others on how to behave towards you.  This is no small matter & will save you a considerable amount of heart ship by simply mastering superior eye techniques. The eyes punctuate the body language, now with no further ado.

First technique and this technique has changes my life! “The Scanner eyes” and remember please, ALL techniques MUST emanate from a relaxed calm demeanor which will take time to impress into your mode of being but as we will we shall be, thus and so. Normally people protect themselves by piercing to shatter the composure of who has caught they’re attention for whatever reason. We are animals my friends and when we are stared at our body reacts, our reaction reveals certain information to who it may concern in this case the piercer. Do not let piercing eyes shake your core and cause discomfort, simply scan from left to right directly across the person who is piercing at you ( it’s ok to blink & remember to maintain deep relaxed breathing during ) . You may glance at them in the eyes simply to negate them and show that your core was not shaken at all by them beaming at you, always with a relaxed calm demeanor.  Do not turn your neck or body, you will only use your eyes to scan pass them. You will discover that eyes that are fixed are hindering brain activity. Your eyes should be constantly roving and exploring your environment, this will keep the screen of your mind constantly refeshed and in the moment.

This technique produces fearlessness, as no one can make you react to them by piercing. Now you are in control of the interactions that happen on a daily basis not the other way around.

Second technique is Keying. Look in the direction of the person who is looking at you. Not at them but in theyre relative direction. You see, most people look away when someone is watching them. This means they dominated you and shattered your frame. Yesterday I had a “mystery shopper” greet me hello because I was using eye technique to disarm them & at the same time show my dissatisfaction with being watched while shopping, I did this all with my eyes. Another time yesterday a security guard who was piercing, was compelled to speak, hello sir welcome, because again my eyes spoke for me.

Third… Do not blink! Blinking is a sign of being caught off guard so when you’re being pierced at or asked question by someone to cause you to react. DO.NOT.BLINK, take deep breaths and scan around you. You will say so much by not blinking that often this alone will give you dominion over anyone trying to throw your energy off.

This will be on going eye technique is everything, do not be overwhelmed by past programming. Build a better world for yourself. SALUTE



~ by BE LIKE WATER on May 16, 2012.

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