Eyes the chronicle’s…

Eyes the chronicle’s…

I’m obsessed with EYE technique. I have struggled to master eye techniques & am finally getting it down to a science. I got a funny story too. We’ll call it the could be crazy lady ( EPIC ) . I will be back to that but first lets recap.

In my last post regarding the eyes I said, roving eyes forced you stay in the moment. You will notice that when your eyes are focused at one point you are accessing moded behavior or memories . Your reacting how you normally react to a situation not  spontaneously. But simply by moving your eyes & breathing freely ( essential ) you are actually quite present in the moment able to make more cogent decisions no lie ! Try it. Now to more important matters , the crazy lady…

.So I’m at the park @ the barz  what not when suddenly I hear an old lady’s voice beckoning to her dog( ? ) to come back  home. I am not sure because I saw no actual dog but she was in her yard saying to come home to “something” , fair enough…

I was innocently looking over there when suddenly she is staring at me lol. I turn my eyes back in front of me then look back over to her and shes still beaming at me pissed off looking. I look back and were off !!! Staring match from across the street, who will reign supreme ?! She then yells at me “whats the problem” lol I dont respond I just go back to doing pull ups. She got gangsta on some Ice Cube in BoyzNDaHood “is there a problem ish” and I wasnt about to get murked on the house for doing eye research F that !

Upon reflection,what was she accessing. Of all the possible responses why was Mama so hostile projecting her pissed-off-ness at losing her pet onto me, maybe. But then again most would agree that was crazy, but no look again ( no pun intended ) , we clearly have the effects of eye contact on someones frame, HERS. She errupted like a volcano , quite telling, that lady is unstable possibly ( ? ), the eyes bring the essence of a person to the fore, thats dope, I digress…



~ by BE LIKE WATER on May 22, 2012.

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