EYES – Narrowing field of vision = tension

LOOK into mirror at your face for a second, are you staring ? Chances are you are, we have been conditioned to “pay attention” and thus where ever we focus we lock in intensely. While you staring at your face you may notice something quite telling. Your focus is likely at a particular point on your face and not on your face as a whole. You are beaming…

Relax your eyes, and look at nothing in particular,  now you have a complete picture ( cool right ? ) . We use our eyes like a laser rather than a flood light, party because we focus in on things of interest,  and we imagine that by staring at that thing we see it better ? But lo, tensing the eyes does not help us to see better on the contrary we see far less as it were.

Relaxed eyes = relaxed demeanor .  And this is indeed the aim so practice in the mirror from time to time  at seeing the whole, lets see how that works out for you, trust me however you interpret this exercise and practice you will get epic results all around.

A little of topic but before I forget .  In conversation have you ever noticed the other person trying to lock you in with strong eye contact. It is a subtle way to dominate the conversation they have picked up along the way. You are not obliged to be a blank canvas for their gaze. Let your eyes rove from left to right slowly and watch how they react, you have displayed detachment, which can only be respected.  The cool calm demeanor is magnetic lets get it !





~ by BE LIKE WATER on May 25, 2012.

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