Bruce Lee VS Brock Lesner ( its simple BRUCE LEE ) …

Bruce Lee VS Brock Lesner …
So I’m watching I AM Bruce Lee and get this , some MMA clowns talking madness about how he would murder  Bruce Lee in a fight and YES that sh*t was annoying AF to hear being uttered . Not to mention that such diarrhea was being babled  from the snout of one ancient retard, and we know old fools have no excuses ( dam shame ) !

Firstly “WE”, as in the western world have only recently even studied the arts to any respectable extent. But it does speak to the hubris common of westerners according to the whole dam world, i.e. some hill billy  always claim supremacy. Boy I tell ya, the Illuminati has some life long card carrying cheer leader b*tches for real!

Lets say we could indeed transport that guy back in time on some Cher sh*t, I bet dude would sh*t bricks if Bruce Lee was opposite him in the pit about to beast out in  READ, no holds barred combat ! As we all know MMA has “rules”, ( for safety ) it wasn’t like that in the beginning but sh*t changes.   What we have today is tournament style and it is not real combat as it is scored based on fancifulness. I wrestled in Jr High & High School so I know first hand how retarded these “rules” can be. For instance, you have to slam a kat with one knee down, you cant just body slam a dude into the mat or you risk disqualification 9  x out of 10 . In the case of a Brock Lesner type opponent your looking purely at physicality and perhaps context, the octagon. You know that based on the RULES Brock has the advantage based on his sheer size.

But put them in an open area like say “real life” and what might we find. You know that when life is in the balance anything goes so I cant in good faith deem  MMA  the epitome of  “fighting, its kool, i’m still a “fan” of the sport. But PLEASE, do not, I repeat, make such leaps my friend. For a MMA dude to make duck billed claims ( quackery )  of supremacy to the master of the art is utter and complete biased bullsh*t -prove it. Not possible, how convenient nigga…







~ by BE LIKE WATER on May 28, 2012.

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