Clearly BEAST ! ( I wish everyone greatness SH*T!!! ) …

They want to shine but they haven’t put oil in they’re lamp

This dude is clearly BEAST no question.  The funny things is about hater ilk,  you know, people who deny the greatness of others .  Secretly they wish to be great. I cant imagine being gripped by jealousy or envy because of another’s greatness, that’s insane.  Me I get  amped and charged about my own business. When dude squatted over 2000 pounds I wasn’t like dam, dude can probably kick my ass. I was like EPIC and I roared BEAST, because on a metaphysical level we all did it, on some giant leap for mankind ish ( all is 1 ) .  I swear to god I wish everyone could just become great, you wouldst hear story’s of star athletes getting gunned down at the prom and other such variant madness. And at the same time YOU should never buffer your greatness on account of “hateration”, that is also insane! BEAST !



~ by BE LIKE WATER on May 29, 2012.

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