I’m afraid to ever Ejaculate again ( chi energy reasons ) …

Right, so I got into esoteric teachings about chi energy and such & I decided to NOT ejaculate anymore, I fancy radical steps.  The term “injaculation” replaced the latter & it changed my life totally. Now i’m thinking of what to tell chics when they notice I never “bust”.  Its been over a year or so and I am really shook of what might happen when I do it again.  Will I loose all my energy or possibly go crazy even ?! I learned that sperm carries the life force energy in so many words, also vital nutrients like  zinc iron & protein, your basically giving your life force up in the process of co-creating another life,  i’m not going to be to in depth here .  But by constantly depleting this energy, great harm is being done to the physical & mental  . Here’s the rub –  no pun ! I am against the teachings that masturbation, when men or when woman do it  is a sin & its a sin to waste seeds and all that , mere control mechanisms by the sexually repressed .  And besides, how many adherents to those teachings actually do adhere to them if you follow.  I’m dealing purely with energy cultivation in an attempt to reach my fullest potential in life THIS LIFE.  I cant see myself releasing sperm again unless i’m impregnating my girl & I have to stress this is not for puritanical reasons! I’m just shook of the consequences of going against the knowledge I have gained.  When you know better you do better, right? Some may find this topic weird but these are the same people always learching around toeing themselves around  with little vim and vigor  to speak of. Needing  to get amped  by the latest popular energy drink just to scrape by . When if we were to master self unlimited energy would be ours.  The benefits are definitely worth the effort . I mean , creativity, energy level, mental stamina/sharpness, sh*t even psychic ability rocket to a thousand . And not to mention how chics will vibe your magnetism as you will be more alive than almost all the kats around you, chics sense these things .   I kid you not, i’m at the barz on Memorial Day South Beach and I got a swarm of chics flocking. While the other kats  were getting hardly any vibes. Soon as I left the chics that were there left, it wasn’t “me” per se, but the vibe they were attracted to call it mojo then. This may be esoteric to some, no pressure . The same ones keeping dangerous pharmaceutical drugs like Viagra stock on the up serge while the same is not true for them at home. We live in a time where correct knowledge is POWER and upon questing we can indeed become masterful no doubt, otherwise we are slaves, and so it goes !


bonus knowledge your welcome !




~ by BE LIKE WATER on May 29, 2012.

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