Racism VS Spiritual G’z ( you already know ) …

Not at all saying stupid people don’t exist, they actually do ( what a revelation right ? ) well that is all that is meant by racism THAT IS ALL. Stupid people EXIST so why in this find sorrow !?

See , that you may wield the ultimate shall we say, what ever is the epitome for you fine, anyway you will need Kowledge of self ,one should rewrite words meanings according to his own WILL. Especially  loaded terms prone to stoke heart fires and worst, precipitate the spilling of blood. Right, so about the stupid people I see them but I dont see them copy ? Honest I am not even attracted to such things.  I attract what I want,  you know the whole spiel about creating our own reality, EXACTLY, if I substitute the word create with the word will, i.e. “doing” ( action )  maybe it will then click.  I can write about this very principle a million times in a trillion different tones & shades it wouldn’t loose any potency whatsoever , its that REAL a lesson.

AT this time NOW racism isnt  going to stop you, real spit & you know this. However, the built in mechanisms you tow around that keep you in check likely WILL unless well, confronted…  You must now recreate yourself as you imagine, become a god i.e. a “willer” ( will things into being )  . That goes against the values instilled in us I know. We call such people sociopath or psychopaths, outliers … We are to constantly be in check, based on our schooling , I know I know.

Dam all that and go about the work of undoing all that sh*t that is currently holding you in check. You may meet resistance but what the hell are the options.  Mediocrity all because of FEAR now ain’t that nothing !



~ by BE LIKE WATER on May 29, 2012.

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