Real Spit WFT GIVES ! ( a rant ) …

Real Spit WFT GIVES !
This “dark skin” sista works at my CVS store , I go there a  lot as I got a few customers I sell natural products to there.  Anyway, and I don’t think i’m making this up.  Now about the, in my opinion beautiful dark skin sista . Older black woman seem to be nasty towards her especially. I am reminded of the movie color purple the way teh character  Ceeley( spelling>?) was mistreated. Think I’m exaggerating, the other day a customer had issue with the price of something, some trivial BULLSH*T and she took that occasion to call the sista “a WITCH” as she stormed out the entrance  ! WTF ?  It was a older black woman again what the F . I had to commend the sista for being so composed maybe her pregnancy factored in, wasn’t worth snatching that old heifers wig off. Anyway I told her I apologize for that lady, I was vexed , that old lady was just an ignorant B*tch . The sista said to me  no worries no heat and assured me that it didn’t bother her. It was still no fair I thought, I was STILL HEATED, older black woman be color struck like no other and they just seem to radiate antagonism towards this sista in particular, simply because she happens to be dark skinned what the F is going on ! I can compare and contrast interactions between non black people and older black woman – night and day my kin night and day they are so flamingly appeasing and proper with others its sickening. Just the fact that they in general reserve such “refinement” if you will for non black people ONLY MENTAL SLAVES!. I wanted to murk something, but I don’t know what so I will just chill. I have two  intelligent beautiful nieces that just so happen to be dark skinned and I wish  someone would make them feel lesser, my heart aches at the though, don’t you hate  stupid hoes…

This has been a rant



~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 1, 2012.

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