The reality of competition among men ( warrior codes ) …

The reality of competition among men

The beast has awakened, what to do now? So you have gained a solid core of confidence in yourself as a man. You’ve worked on yourself and become contented with your lot, even as a work in progress. You take no sh*t yet are no  hair trigger automaton! Your calm cool collectedly & self aware. Desirable woman are constantly choosing you. You have mastery over your self to such a degree that self sabotage is not possible, you would become scarce in lieu of .  No more do you disregard your animal side nor dismiss that side in others. This has awakened the beast, or released the inhibited power of your nature. You can now deal with non verbal incursions from without with ease. These are men who wish to topple you but in no direct way as to display they’re bitch-ass-ness plainly. You ask yourself  what have I become, I am at once willing to lay it all on the line to uphold my freedom, yet I do not wish to even stand out. You are now alpha my friend enjoy, it is true, you are subjected to test by other men who wish to use your presence as a means of entry into the kingdom of power. By this what do I mean exactly, such types of men by challenging you wish to “soul snatch” you  and leave you hollow as sheded snake skin before all the worlds. You see them before they see you and notice how disturbed they become at they’re compulsion of inferiority complex. Your mere presence reminds them what they are not and you do not care. From your vantage you choose to create distance but are ready to destroy all who trespass you. You are becoming as a god, trained in the art of being, aloof to un-being. -SALUTE !




~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 3, 2012.

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