Did my thizzle at the barz today, it was exceptional so far as EPICNESS goes. The water at the beach was like only 7-8 inches for the first 30 yards out , so extremely low tide. I took that opportunity to do some sprints for like 20 minutes in the water near the jet ski area . I had a few ni**er moments too, some  dude bumped into me intentionally another kat attempted to cut me off and some herb mean mugged me I let all that ride only to say it seems like bitch-ass-ness is at a all time high as summer gets underway .  When that fag bumped into me it was clearly out of envy that I was in my own zone and the chickens in there were choosing.  ( it was a tall ockie lookin nigga ) I was over come by rage as I waited in line I was about to try to kill dude he had no idea, my eyes started to water and when that happens I blank out. I quickly dropped what I was waiting in line for and ran out the store and yells loud AF people probably though I was crazy, it was better that way. …  Of course the  ladies were choosing but whats the news in that, i’m me.  Some NY kat at the barz was talkin mad trash, telling me I should do MMA and sh*t. And that I am too strong for a “little dude”, right right. Kats recognize, but the bitch in them makes them want to test me so I am seriously contemplating not hitting the barz every Sunday as has been customary, because I see myself having to murk one of them fools on some Ni**er sh*t . Which takes the fun away, no heat no pressure, here’s what I will do. Depending on whose there I will decide to hit up the barz or not. Likely I will, its my ritual for 2012 SG. Matter-a-fact i’m just going to do my thing come what may, i’m not here for that.



~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 4, 2012.

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