Magik Chronicles …. ( ST ) …

Don’t know if I posted this here already – how I started speaking  my own language, its akin to a Russian/Hatian dialect. Respectfully.

Am I tapping into some genetic memory( ? ) who knows – all I know is that its legit. You see, language has tax, by which I mean. The words that comprise language have historic/social implications. For example if I were to use the word matrix or labyrinth , anyone who saw those movies would immediately make certain judgements about my choice of words. If I use the word hater it denotes a certain pathology which simply by acknowledging it stamps a kind of agreeance on my behalf. I agree that haters exist and that they effect me so to speak, being hypothetical my kin.

Now what happens when we utter words that have no such chains ! If language is the means by which we are controlled, what happens when one begins to speak his own tongue in his or her own interest, stamped with spirit heart & emotion. This is to some considered “magik” or voodoo & like I said in a previous post, i’m on that !

Try it !





~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 4, 2012.

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