My Cousin … ( the god ! )

I have met no real-er kat, man I can honestly say  I am blessed for having at least one family member of  blood relation so thorough.  Here’s one person I shamelessly copy. Who I would happily face death in his stead, but really can that be called death ?

Today family is no more, the conditional love born of American me-ism ( I am not going to call it individualism ) has now tainted the  bond. True we are no more an agricultural society so the little house on the premiere family is of no concern to the rulers  and thus, here we are.  Close enough to do harm ( crabbing ) to one another while at once waving the banner “family”! We all have the potential to be gods and to deny this is just folly, but I understand the roots of most reluctance to proclaim as much.

Phrases like one god & jealous god come to mind, i’m already knowing. No pressure, no heat…



~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 4, 2012.

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