Psychotherapy = The white mans Voodoo…

I heard Alan Watts say as much and it really struck me as being actual fact. Psychotherapy can be described as witch craft or voodoo ritual. As its main objective is to alter the consciousness of the adherent via “airy processes. “I have an old book entitles ” the myth of psychotherapy” in it the author Thomas Szasz goes about undressing psychotherapy rightfully so in lieu of the crazy sh*t people have been subjected to in its wake,  by which I mean shock treatment lobotomizes so on. He goes on to insist that psychotherapy belongs to religion as it has some of the same tenants of religion like the confessional or “talking cure” ( rhetoric )  i.e. repentance & acceptance of the way as prescribed by said authority, and finally repression,  guilt born of bad thoughts.

I find it amazing that people convict themselves and even commit suicide under the spell of religious guilt. See how Voodoo-ish psychotherapy be’s in keeping with tradition ? Amazing !





~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 4, 2012.

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