ripple effect of genius

I think if one is genius in one way it will also translate in other non related areas too.  Simply because everything is somehow connected .Its called multi-genius dig it. Via words I was able to break into genius consciousness now anything I do I become nearly the best at it – if not the best. I can just catapult myself like that,  its who I am… I became a genius of rapping and I will explain why so. See there is the way things are expected to unfold and then there is genius. My boy told me the other day, man I can never figure out how your going to rhyme. Its true, I have such complete control over the medium that I can make words scatter then rejoin in any order beautifully & still make perfect sense ( at least to me ) . That is why people marvel at genius, it can defy convention in such a clear way as to be mystifying.   When one taps into they’re own genius its like connecting to the universe, now you can harness that endless power source for anything.  I dont care what it is, its all the same , walk with me…

I wrote this rhyme in one night my boy was like WTF where does it come from. Man the ETHERS. Now check the method


Plex on the beat – SALUTE !


~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 4, 2012.

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